Online Marriage Registration in Delhi

Online Marriage Registration in Delhi

How to file an online marriage registeration? Our expert marriage registration lawyers in Delhi, who arrange the whole marriage procedures with legal documents and assist them in whole process.
After the marriage is solemnized there are certain necessities that must be fulfilled in order to give it a legal standing or to make it valid under Indian laws. The major requirement is marriage registration under either the Special Marriage Act, 1954 or Hindu Marriage Act, 1955.

What is a Marriage Certificate?
A marriage certificate fundamentally is a legal proof that two people are married. Only government officials have authority to issue marriage certificates after marriage registration.

Marriage Registration

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  • Full major requirements/documents for marriage registration
  • Criteria for Marriage Registration under Special Marriage Act, 1954
  • Criteria for Marriage Registration under Hindu Marriage Act, 1955
  • Benefits of getting marriage registered
  • Prohibited relationships